The Adventures of the Duke Lilia’s Daughter Chapter 2

The Adventures of Duke Lilia’s Daughter Chapter 2

I didn’t display a very favorable reaction. In fact, I sank into silence, which was maybe why Mr. Dioram looked flustered.

「O-of course, you could simply take this gift as a simple greeting. I wouldn’t dare probe your identities! However, if you could kindly put up just a few good words to the magistrate, I could offer you even better things than this……」

With a disgusted expression, Shade sent me a look that said 『Can I shut this guy up?』, but I stopped my little brother.

Having confirmed things with a glance, Wolf took on a silent but watchful stance for now. Lily was glancing from Mr Dioram to the gold coin, bewildered.

The reason I stopped Shade was because I wanted to obtain a little more information.

After all, even after thinking over it, I wanted to try it. The setting right now was probably like the scene in 『Golden yellow candy』 in that historical drama. That scene where they go: 『You’re quite the dastardly devil, ○○ store owner』『I’d say the same of you, lord magistrate……』. (1)

But, it wasn’t something done with someone whose identity you essentially didn’t know and who clearly wasn’t invested.

‘I want to earn an advantage with this transaction. That’s why I’ll establish a connection with the government who controls it…’ it’s a smart plan on its own even if the one who came up with it is a criminal.

Even if it’s highly possible that they were a close acquaintance of the magistrate or something, suddenly giving money to a girl on the first meeting is…

The only thing I could think of was… No, I really don’t want to think about it, though.

What am I going to do if this sort of thing was actually widespread inside the Lilia territory?

For example, my family or my family or my family. Have some people among them been enjoying bribes & entertainment like it was only natural and allowing various benefits in exchange? So, were merchants also thinking 『For now, when we see aristocrats, we should just bribe them with money』?

While I was internally filled with trepidation, I decided to try sounding things out.

「――I don’t normally go out of the mansion so I’m ignorant of the ways of the world. But is accepting money like this not wrong?」

I think I might be forcing it just a little but I tried to incline my head with an expression that seemed to say 『My, what should I do?』.

Mr. Dioram concluded that I wasn’t angry and looked relieved.

「Something like that. I was simply delighted at my good fortune at being able to meet a beautiful lady and wanted to give a present」

I see, so that’s his public stance. It’s pretty dirty that he made a way out for himself.

「It’s a little boorish to call it a gift, isn’t it? To give a coin of all things. ――Does this thing usually happen?」

What I wanted to hear was the answer to my last question, but Mr. Dioram freaked out here.

「N-no, of course, this meagre gift isn’t everything! I can’t quite prepare anything decent in this town, but if I could trouble you to visit my shop at Alium, I could give you jewels or even people」


I was alarmed by those words and felt goosebumps all over my body.

(Wa-wa-wait just a minute, don’t tell me he’s dealing in human trafficki――)

「Yes! I might not be able to prepare men of the same calibre as your attendants but I’ll respond to your request as best I can and prepare someone to attend to you!」

Oh, I was wrong.

That’s good.

――――Wait, no, that’s not good!

「Someone who’s already proficient in seduction! I can get you anyone even if you want a beautiful boy, a beautiful young man, a beautiful middle-aged man or a beautiful old man! Aah, of course, I can even get you beautiful young girls! I can prepare any number of people you please!!」

(What… I’m a little curious to what he means by beautiful middle-aged man and beautiful old man)

Wait, no!

What am I thinking, this is way over the top!

But, I didn’t know what I should do now after being told about something so terrible. I seriously didn’t know what expression I should wear at times like this…

With chaos in my mind, a scene similar to the period drama flashed before my eyes.

『If you’re not gonna pay back what you owe, I’ll have no choice but to take your daughter. I had just been looking for a girl to present to a distinguished gentleman. If it’s this daughter of yours, her looks should be good enough』

『N-no……! I beg you, please spare her! After my wife died, she’s the only one I have left in this world! Give me a little bit longer, just wait ten more days, I’ll pay you back somehow……!』


『No, I can’t wait anymore. Anyway, why are you so pessimistic about it, the guy is a rich man. Your daughter is going to be happier with him than live alone with a sickly father like you』

The setting jumped to a wonderful room at a Japanese-style house.

On top of a large futon that had inherited a gaudy and forced style.

『Oh my〜Lord magistrate~Please stop playing〜』

The daughter says the clichéd line.

And the one who pulling off her obi was– me?

The vision finally disappeared with that devastating image. Incidentally, I couldn’t imagine a pretty boy version of myself. It was beyond the limits of my imagination.

Within the time I was thinking about these stupid things, it seems Shade had been taken aback and Lily had been tilting her head in confusion.

In this place, the only one who declared his intention clearly was Wolf.

「……Stop fooling around」

A low, anger-filled tone silenced the chaos in the room.

Wolf, who took a step in front to protect me, hadn’t placed a hand on the hilt of his sword, but he was seething in anger like he could kill a person with a glance.

「That’s an unimaginable insult to an unmarried woman」

Wolf seemed to spit the words in contempt. When he received that anger, Mr. Dioram cowered with fright. On the other end, I felt grateful that we finally kept our feet on the ground.

That’s right. It’s our place to get angry right now.

It was actually a considerable insult.

After all, it would mean that I appeared to be the sort of person who, at the very least, fooled with men. Based on what he said about attendants and so forth, Shade and Wolf probably appeared very much like that sort of companion to him. No, if I take it in the worse way, he probably thought that even about Lily?

That’s too much. Wolf, go and tell him off more!

I sent my reliable fiance a silent cheer.

At any rate, as expected of Wolf. You can really count on him. Moreover, even when he’s angry, he’s still so cool. Even now, he’s so composed!

As he received my passionate gaze on his broad back, Wolf vehemently declared this to Mr. Dioram while still looking furious:

「――To begin with, attending to her is my job!!」

Calm down, Wolf, calm down.


(1) Seems like this line originated in Mito Koumon.

Golden yellow candy or ‘Yamabuki-iro no okashi’ seems to be an expensive confectionary customarily given to people you wanted to get close to. It’s no longer produced these days. I saw a link that it’s apparently a slang a bribery.

The lines: 『You’re quite the dastardly devil, xxx』『I’d say the same of you, yyy……』, make the giver and receiver closer by them admitting to each other they’re both bad or something like that.

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  1. Thanks for chapter.
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