The Adventures of the Duke Lilia’s Daughter Epilouge

The Adventures of Duke Lilia’s Daughter Epilogue (Shade’s POV)

‘I seriously don’t get it’, I thought many times over, as I skinned the potatoes.

This was the result of Elder Sister’s meddling blowing up in our faces. We were supposed to be guests, so why were we now stuck helping with dinner preparations?

Delphy Gram joined up with us before dinner. Having heard the rough details from the owner, Delphy felt all but obliged out of his own order of command.

As for Lycoris, though she had been docile while she ate the owner’s cooking with great gusto, after the meal, she began fervently talking about today’s events with Delphy.

No matter how you looked at it, as Elder Sister relayed the story, at times sounding resentful and at times moved, she seemed to be enjoying herself.

Taking that in, both Miss Liliam and Wolf looked like they were enjoying themselves too, so maybe it’s true what they say about being simple is best.

Contrary to Elder Sister, who was broad-minded if you put it in a good way, and scatter-brained if you put it in a bad way, I’ve got a fair amount of complaints.

Although it was a modest one, this rare trip felt like it got ruined because of other people’s circumstances.

Having not participated in the one-sided conversation, given that I was feeling somewhat unhappy, Delphy brought drinks to me. Before I realized it, Lycoris and the rest had switched topics to how good the owner’s cooking was.

Since I was asked, 「Tired?」 , with a gentle voice, I went with nodding my head.

I’ve been in his care since getting adopted to the Lilia family, so I was weak to this guy.

Delphy only recently took over the job of magistrate but he took over late because his father, his predecessor, was still a healthy individual despite being old. As far as I know, ever since meeting him, Delphy had been an excellent 『adult』 who has the duke’s trust. Since I’m aware that I’ve come to count on him, I couldn’t put a show of bravado.

By the way, Delphy’s Father, Landis Gram, was now flitting about north to south in the Lilia dukedom territory.

「……In line with the events today, I truly apologize for my lack of foresight. I didn’t expect Lycoris-sama to be treated like an 『evil magistrate』」

Hearing how dispirited Delphy was as he said those words, I felt downright flabbergasted.

「I can’t believe that story reached even you……」

「Yes. In fact, I was the very first to be consulted」

I felt greatly perplexed with the way he said those words proudly.

「It was an interesting story as well, so I wanted to help out if I could……」

「……Sorry. My elder sister asked you to do something stupid」

A sigh even escaped my lips.

「No. I actually admire Lycoris-sama for her thoughtfulness.」


「……Ah, it seems you aren’t aware, then」

Delphy glanced at Lycoris to check that she was still absorbed in her discussion and then spoke in a slightly quiet tone.

「This trip was actually intended for you, Shade-sama」

「For me?」

「I heard that you talked about the Ducal position with the Duke. Lycoris-sama was concerned that you were worried about it and planned this trip, thinking you had to have a diversion」

I was speechless.

True, I did talk over my future with our father, Duke Lilia, during this holiday period. In short, it was whether I’ll inherit the position of Duke Lilia or not. The topic was too much for me, so I was expectedly shocked.

That had been on my mind ever since, but come to think of it, after Lycoris brought up this trip, perhaps the trip occupied my thoughts instead.

「『It would be great if it becomes a trip that allows Shade to relax and understand the essence of power again』 was Lycoris-sama’s thoughts」

「Essence of power?」

「I was thinking perhaps she was talking about fighting for the oppressed against the oppressors」

Delphy gave a happy-looking smile.

I ended up smiling unintentionally as well.

Perhaps, that was what having power was for her.

I think that way of thinking was indeed too optimistic. But, trouble is, I don’t hate that way of thinking of hers.

Delphy probably thinks the same as well.

「You say she cared about her brother so much …… but I can’t see any traces of that now」

Elder sister was engrossed in talking with Miss Liliam and Wolf.

She showed no signs of paying us any mind. It would probably be inevitable that those that see that would be suspicious.

「That’s … uhm, well, I have the feeling she strayed from her purpose a little after the plan 『Mito Koumon』 got setback……」

「I bet she got sidetracked since it was a trip with a precious girl friend」

Delphy, who seemed to have nothing to reply to that, pulled himself together and pointed out the window.

「……Seems like no one had the chance to tour the neighborhood today, but you’ll have time tomorrow. If you’d like to find souvenirs for Duke Lilia, there are several delicious local brews here. Or maybe it would good if the two of you chose something long-lasting」

Although it was easy to tell that he was changing the subject, it was also an attractive proposition. We were having a hard time thinking of a souvenir for Father.

When I looked outside to where he was indicating, I caught sight of the lights in this neighborhood, Khotar. It would be fewer if I compared it to the downtown of Arium, but it didn’t change how precious it was. Elder sister and Father were people who thought that way, so I think that’s precisely why I also think like that now.

The unfamiliar streetlights were really beautiful.

Remembering the drink Delphy brought along, I gulped one mouthful and a refreshing taste of sourness entered my lips.

「……It’s tasty」

「The proprietor here pickles different fruits in honey or vinegar and saves them in a storehouse. It’s one of the reasons I stop by this lodge」

Delphy isn’t a drinker so this is just like him.

I wanted to ask Lycoris her impression on this drink since I imagine it was something that would fit her taste.

It seems that thanks to thinking that it’d be a waste to keep holding onto the past forever, my mood had considerably improved. Surely, it’s fine to be simple. Isn’t life more enjoyable that way?

「……I’ll go mingle there a little」

Pointing to Lycoris and the rest as I said it, Delphy nodded happily.

I started to walk to the lively bunch with a not-so-heavy heart.

We spent a day different from what was planned, and spent the night with a delicious dinner in our bellies and the day’s event as the topic of our conversation.

When I thought about it, it wasn’t too bad to have spent my time like that.

Maybe I’ll even remember today’s events as a fond memory in its own right….

(Nope, unlikely)

I shook my head.

Today’s events were stained with Wolfgang’s seemingly profound but stupid remark.

I’ll probably remember this event along with the horrible words that guy flung with that damn serious look on his face.

Someday, I’ll probably remeber it as a not so fond memory, but for today, let’s have a toast.

Lily’s presence weakened… But anyway, it’s 『complete』。

Thank very much for staying with me till the end!

2 responses to “The Adventures of the Duke Lilia’s Daughter Epilouge

  1. midoriha

    ahhh, it’s oveeer! aye, the side stories were most enjoyable to me, and the early part of the series! but it was a fun series overall hahaha—

  2. Maglev

    Being simple is the best.
    Thank you for translate this cute novel.

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